H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit – Investment Strategy

H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit (HRC) is the dedicated healthcare royalty and credit affiliate of H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit focuses on making income-generating investments in the healthcare sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, medical devices and products, diagnostics and services.

Investments target a variety of parties, including pharmaceutical companies, small to medium sized biotechnology companies, medical device companies, universities, hospitals, inventors, institutional investors and others.

Typical Transaction Size

Investments typically range from $10-50 million per transaction.

Transaction Types

  • Traditional Royalty Investments
  • Royalty Backed Loans and Bonds
  • Structured Royalty
  • Structured Credit
  • Hybrid and other Structures

Advantages of Partnering with H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit:

Value-Added Partnership
H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit is a joint effort between H.I.G. BioVentures, which invests in a broad range of biohealth companies across multiple sectors and stages of development and has extensive and diverse experience in big pharma, small biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, basic science, clinical research, and technology transfer; and H.I.G. WhiteHorse, which provides senior and subordinated debt for refinancings, growth capital, acquisitions, buyouts, and balance sheet recapitalizations and has deep credit expertise. As a result, H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit is ideally positioned to meet the diverse royalty-based and credit requirements of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

As one of the few firms with a leading biohealth platform, as well as a highly experienced credit team, H.I.G. Healthcare Royalty & Credit is differentiated in the marketplace and brings broad expertise to a wide variety of situations.

Capital Markets Access and Experience
The breadth of H.I.G.’s platform provides companies with market-leading access to equity and debt capital at all stages of their development.

Experienced Global Investment Team
H.I.G. has a large investment team of over 500 investment professionals with extensive transactional experience and deep knowledge of a wide array of industries. With sixteen offices across the U.S., Europe and Latin America, our global reach is unmatched in the middle market and opens up new markets and new opportunities for companies.

Flexible Approach
H.I.G. offers a wide range of investment and capital structures, allowing us to develop creative financing solutions and structure transactions to meet specific financial and business strategy objectives. We will invest in traditional royalty investments, royalty backed loans or bonds, structured/synthetic royalties, structured credit or a variety of hybrid structures.

H.I.G. Capital is a leading global private equity investment firm with $55 billion of equity capital under management.* The H.I.G. family of funds includes private equity, growth equity, debt/credit, real estate and biohealth.

H.I.G. Capital aligns itself with committed management teams, owners, and sponsors to help build businesses of significant value. Our team of over 500 investment professionals has substantial operating, consulting, technology and financial management experience, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies.